Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Ceramics


Ceramics at Edinboro University promotes artistic excellence as students develop an individual direction, whether in ceramic sculpture or functional pottery. Both technique and concept are cultivated by three, diverse faculty members. Upper level classes emphasize critical analysis of their studio work and group discussions on contemporary issues regularly occur.

Edinboro University offers BFA, MA and MFA degrees in this discipline. Our extensive facility offers virtually all methods of firing using approximately twenty kilns of various sizes and types (see facilities list).

Students actively learn handbuilding, moldmaking and wheelthrowing techniques. Kiln firing procedures, glaze and claybody chemistry are also taught. Marketing and photographing ceramics for portfolio or publication purposes are integrated within the existing curriculum. Upper level and Graduate students may enroll in specialty courses in Kiln Building and/or Glaze Calculation.

Students select Visiting Artists who routinely lecture on our campus each semester. These lectures and demonstrations add variety and depth to our already comprehensive course offerings. These professionals are invited by our students through the activities of the Clay Club. Additionally, students participate in field trips and attend a national ceramics conference each year. Graduates of our program teach, work in industry, become production potters, or work as studio artists.


- 6000 square feet - 24 hour access to facility for all students - semi-private studios for full-time graduate M.F.A. students - shared studio space for undergraduates KILNS: (1) 45 cu. ft. downdraft (car kiln) (4) 20 cu. ft. Alpine gas kilns (1) 30 cu. ft. Alpine gas kiln (1) 2 cu. ft. Alpine gas test kiln (1) 60 cu. ft. downdraft kiln (1) 50 cu. ft. Fiber kiln (3) raku kilns of varying sizes (5) electric kilns (23" x 27") (1) large oval electric kiln (1) electric (test) kiln (1) salt kiln (45 cu. ft.) (1) Soda-kiln (35 cu.ft) (1) cross-draft wood kiln (35 cu. ft)

(4) clay mixers, (1) pug mill, (2) spray booths, ball-mill, (2) slab-rollers, (27) wheels (Randalls and Brents), (2) extruders.


Charles Johnson Ceramics

MFA, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1989; BA, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, 1982
e-mail: cjohnson@edinboro.edu

Lee Rexrode Ceramics

MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1982; BA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1978
e-mail: lrexrode@edinboro.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Linda Cordell Ceramics

MFA Lousiana State University, 1998; BFA New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred Univ., 1995
email: lcordell@edinboro.edu

Current Graduate Student Work