Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Painting


The Master of Fine Arts in Painting at Edinboro University is a three-year program for advanced students with a serious commitment to painting, and new media. The program offers an exciting and comprehensive experience in studio practice, contemporary art ideas, and in community and global interface. The studio and critical curriculum fosters sustained individual work and encourage articulation of an individual voice while immersing the student in the ever-expanding role of the artist in the community.

Students who are seriously committed to traditional studio practices in painting can develop their work in an atmosphere of rigorous formal and intellectual involvement while also being exposed to relevant theories and histories. Studio activity is placed into a professional context, from making the work to its presentation, installation and publicity.

Graduate Students Are Provided With Individual Studios. There are assistantships available.

Painting Faculty

John Bavaro Painting

MFA, University of Cincinnati, 1999; BA, Miami University, 1987
e-mail: jBavaro@edinboro.edu
website: www.johnBavaro.com/

Geoffrey Beadle Drawing, Painting, Foundations

MFA, Boston University, 1997; BFA, Temple University, Tyler School of Art, 1995
e-mail: gbeadle@edinboro.edu

Rachael J. Burke Drawing, Painting, Foundations

MFA, Miami University, 1983; BFA, Western Kentucky University, 1977
e-mail: rburke@edinboro.edu.
website: www.rjacobsburke.com/

Malcolm Christhilf Drawing, Painting, Foundations

MFA, MA University of California, Berkeley, 1987, 1985; BS, Towson State University, 1979
e-mail: mchristhilf@edinboro.edu

Terry McKelvey Painting, Drawing, Foundations

MFA, Cornell University, 1993; BFA, Maine College of Art, 1988
e-mail: tmckelvey@edinboro.edu

Michelle Vitali Drawing, Painting Foundations

MFA, New York Academy, 1996; BFA, Academy of the Arts, 1983
e-mail: mVitali@edinboro.edu
website: www.michelleVitali.com/

D.P. Warner Drawing, Painting, Foundations

MFA, University of Arizona, 1989; BA, Roanoke College, 1975
e-mail: dWarner@edinboro.edu