Art Education programs

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program begins with instruction in the foundations of composition and visual organization. Students go on to explore traditional models of design theory and criticism, as well as contemporary experimental approaches to graphic design.

Intermediate and advanced courses include the history of graphic design, typography, publication design, and systems and corporate identity. Book Arts and Illustration also complement the design core as electives. The computer is integrated as a design tool at all levels of instruction, providing students with valuable experience in many phases of the production of print media.

Upper level students are encouraged before graduation to complete a professional internship, which allows them to advance their technological skills and gain career related experiences, as well as providing contacts for future employment.

Members of the graphic design faculty help each student develop his or her own creative identity while building a professional portfolio. Students receive professional critiques on their printed pieces, enter national design competitions, and work with actual clients. The graphic design club Studio 118 sponsors workshops, exhibitions, and visits by professional designers. Studio 118 also organizes field trips to design studios and exhibitions in nearby metropolitan areas.

The Graphic Design Program at Edinboro has a strong reputation and many of our students are sought for employment. Graduates in graphic design may work for design firms, corporate design groups, advertising agencies, publishers, television stations, or museums. Graduates interested in furthering their graphic design education will find themselves well prepared to enter a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program.