Art Education programs

Woodworking / Furniture Design

Edinboro University’s Woodworking / Furniture Design Area offers three courses each semester – two beginner and one upper level comprised of Wood II, Intermediate, and Advanced students.  Students receive a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Woodworking / Furniture Design.

In their first semester, students begin with a small scale carving project, becoming familiar with the properties of wood and further honing their 3D design skills.  They then learn about basic woodworking machinery and joinery, designing and constructing a mirror and a table.  In subsequent courses, students investigate box and cabinet construction, chair design, working with plywood, vacuum-bag bent lamination, and working in series / designing for production.  A thorough approach to design is taken through the creation of sketches, models, full-scale drawings and mock-ups.  In all courses, the work of historically significant and contemporary wood artists is viewed and discussed. In addition, students are encouraged to take an environmentally responsible approach to the choices they make as a designer, giving consideration to efficient use of materials, choosing lumber that is sustainable, and using less toxic finishing products.  In general, EUP’s wood program strives to provide students with a strong foundation of woodworking and design skills, emphasizing originality and innovation in design and concept.

The Wood Program has a very active Wood Club that organizes fundraising sales of student work, holds exhibitions in the student-run Bates gallery, and brings in at least one nationally recognized artist working in wood each semester. In addition, club members organize trips to major cities such as Pittsburgh, Providence, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago to view exhibitions, attend conferences and expositions, and tour the studios of prominent furniture artists, all experiences that provide an important supplement to each student’s education in the classroom. Recent visiting artists include Jason Schneider, David Bennett, Ted Lott, Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf of Uhuru Design, George Dubinsky, Alphonse Mattia, Craig Vandall Stevens, Gary Spykman, Wendell Castle, Ben Watkins, and Nick Hollibaugh