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Become a Maker, Thinker and Doer with Bachelor of Fine Arts Concentration in Sculpture

Learn the basics of joining metal, wood and found objects. Carve Styrofoam and wood. Make rubber molds. Cast aluminum, bronze, wax and plaster. Take a class in figure-modeling or steel fabrication. Or embrace time-based works of performance, installation, video or social practice. Once the basic skills are covered, you will decide your unique journey towards your BFA Concentration in Sculpture.

Graduates with a concentration in Sculpture can pursue careers in studio arts or in allied fields as a foundry technician, mold-maker, theater set, prop or costume designer, a fabricator in a metal, wood, fiberglass or art or science museum, an art director or educator, or even an entrepreneur.

There is no portfolio review prior to admission. Just bring your passion for the arts and a desire to work hard in a multidisciplinary, highly supportive environment.

Expert Faculty

expert faculty

Accomplished faculty instruct, guide and inspire Edinboro students to achieve and lead. EU faculty are recognized for their commitment to student success and creating a personal and engaging academic environment.

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Talented Students

talented students

Student competitions, gallery exhibitions and portfolio development help students prepare for life as professional artists. With the knowledge and skills they gained at EU, graduates enjoy success across the U.S. and around the world.

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A Place to Create

a place to create

Edinboro students thrive in an exciting, artistic environment. Visiting artists provide inspiration, student organizations offer support, and exceptional studio facilities enable them to develop their own personal aesthetic.

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Edinboro University’s Art Department is accredited by National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD).

Why choose Edinboro?

Edinboro’s visiting artists and critics offer students the chance to hear from regional, national and international art world figures. Motivated students work can with faculty to arrange an internship with an artist, an arts organization or in allied fields of museum display, theater arts, industrial design, fashion and more. As a Sculpture student at Edinboro, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in:

Exhibitions at Bates Gallery, Bruce Gallery and many regional arts venues.

Travel and field trips to galleries and museums in major cities.

Organizations including the Student Art League (SAL) and the Sculpture Fibers and Extended Media Club (SFEM).

Networking events such as the SculptureX Symposium and the International Sculpture Conference.

Professional guidance.

Students grow under the guidance of Edinboro’s four professionally trained Sculpture professors. They produce a wide range of work including table-top painted metal castings, free-standing carved and fabricated wood sculptures, life-size fiberglass figures, monumental public works and social practice actions such as running for political office. Their diversity of focus fosters an energetic dialogue that helps students find their unique voice as an artist.

Our Sculpture facility supports a broad range of interests.

The sculpture “Barn” in the Loveland Annex includes basic wood-working, wax working, plaster, ceramic shell, welding, metal-working and metal casting areas. Trained monitors allow access to equipment outside of regular class time. Sculpture students are granted 24-hour studio access. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials, processes and practices including:

Aluminum and bronze casting, welding and cold joining.

Steel cutting, bending, cold joining and welding.

Cement and plaster casting.

Clay and wax modeling and mold making.

Wood cutting, joining, carving.

Cutting and joining found objects, fiber, plastics, etc.

Time-based works: performance, video, installation and social practice.

Sculpture alumni catalyze skills and interests into successful careers.

Edinboro’s Sculpture program cultivates each student’s technical expertise, critical thinking and organizational ability – all transferrable skills helping our graduates find success. For instance:

Jeanne-Marie Burdette (BFA ’06) - worked as a set designer at both Center State, Baltimore, MD and at the Long Wharf Theater, New Haven, CT.

Ira Gerhart (BFA ‘07) - worked as a mold maker and fabricator at the US Bronze Foundry and now operates Ira Gerhart Metal Work, a commission-based sculpture studio.

Lori Zelepsky (BFA ‘12) - uses her sculpture skills every day in her job as a technician at the Art Foundry in Denver, CO.

Angie Seykora (MFA ‘13 ) - earned recognition by the International Sculpture Center when her student work was included in Sculpture Magazine. She lives and maintains her studio in Omaha, NE.

Steve Zetts (BFA ‘13) - earned an MA/ Medical Prosthetics Development and Design at the University of Pittsburgh, building on the modeling skills he learned at Edinboro.

Find yourself in our vibrant community of artists.